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Meet JA's Regional Student Impact Manager


Tara Carney, JA Regional Student Impact Manager

Image caption: Tara Carney, JA Regional Student Impact Manager

As the JA Team grows, JA is eager for the community to welcome and get to know Tara Carney, JA Regional Student Impact Manager.  Welcome to the team, Tara!


JA: What are you most excited about in your role?

Tara:  Being able to apply my experience as an educator in a different way. I’m excited to serve with our Education team to empower teachers across Southwestern Indiana and Illinois.

JA: Are you a JA Alum? 

Tara:  No, however, I taught JA Company Program and JA Economics in my classroom for 21 years in Southern Illinois. I see myself as a mentor to over 400 students.

JA: What is one goal that you hope to achieve with Junior Achievement?

Tara:   My goal is to make sure as many schools in our area have the opportunity to have JA in their classroom. I want to bring awareness to the teachers of how impactful JA programs and volunteers can be to prepare students.

JA: In what ways do you feel your experience benefits this role?

Tara:  Over 20 years in the classroom and using the JA materials as a key component of my curriculum as well as a Masters degree in Workforce Education and Development gives me the insight on how to inform CTE teachers to implement the materials. My experiences and knowledge will also be beneficial to advocate the importance of using updated materials and concepts that are crucial to today’s society.  

Additionally, I serve with YMCA of Southwestern Indiana which supports the warmth, spiritual and physical health that fulfills me. When I become fulfilled it’s my nature to give to others as I see is my purpose.  I firmly believe in TRUST YOUR PURPOSE! 

JA: What is your “Why JA”?

Tara:  My why is completely aligned with JA’s mission, to inspire and prepare young people to succeed.  After 21 years of teaching experience, I have gained such appreciation for JA.  Recently, I have visited schools and watched a JA program, the teachers, the volunteers, and the enthusiasm of the kids, that was the moment I realized this is my why. It’s for them.

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